Podcast Spotlight: Someone Knows Something (CBC)

Podcast Spotlight: Someone Knows Something (CBC)

Under the spotlight is a podcast one of my close friends introduced me to. She’s a fellow true crime enthusiast; naturally, we’re constantly recommending documentaries, TV series and podcasts to each other. In fact, she is probably my inspiration for creating Murder Cats – we’re two crazy cats obsessed with true crime! Perhaps one day we’ll have our own podcast, but for now, we’ll be listeners and Murder Cats is here to share the good stuff!

“Someone Knows Something” is brought to us by CBC Canada. The producer, David Ridgen, is a Canadian award winning filmmaker and writer, and his investigative skills are quite evident when listening to his podcast. Currently, there are five seasons, and each season is totally separate from the one before. He delves into cold cases involving missing persons and murder and does his best to unravel threads that haven’t been pulled at, bring to the forefront secrets and memories, and he manages to speak with people who otherwise wouldn’t speak out. His work has actually resulted in convictions. For example, in 2007, one of his documentaries involving the unsolved deaths of two teenagers from 1964 led to the re-opening of the cold case and resulted in the conviction of the guilty party. 43 years later, a conviction…whoa!

The podcast itself is beautiful – he has the perfect mix of talking and ambient music. You never feel like the music is too loud and you can’t hear what David or his interviewees are saying. The music adds to the emotion of any particular segment – somber music for heartbreaking revelations, anxiety inducing music for moments where shocking memories are unearthed. The interviews are genuine and any editing he may do is not obvious at all, everything has excellent flow. Some people may complain that he jumps around between interviewees too much – one moment David is speaking with a family member, then he ominously drops off to speak with a neighbor, only to return to the family member he was speaking with 10 minutes ago. To me, it’s not a problem. I find the way he does it makes sense, it’s always tied together to feel relevant – usually when he jumps to someone else it’s because something the next person says will tie in directly with what the original speaker was about to address.

Currently, I’m using Spotify to feed my obsession, but you can also find this excellent podcast on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts, RSS, or on the CBC website itself.

Check it out! Someone Knows Something (CBC)

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